Sunday, October 14, 2012

Welcome To My Office Studio!

Happy Sunday everyone! I wanted to share with you a special project...em....journey...I have embarked on. It's the very odd, foreign concept that is very new to me. It is called:
I can easily debunk any preconception of myself that I have been in any way, shape, or form organized.

Ask Margie, my beloved tester. 

Margie: "So Julie, what's next?"
Me: "North Pole Village, Heavenly Inspirations Set 2"
Margie: "Great!"

A few days later, arriving in Margie's inbox--snowmen. LOL

Speaking of snowmen, have you seen our new Simply Snowmen Applique release?
cute snowmen applique machine embroidery designs collection

Project "Organize My Life"

A few months ago, I emptied my office of the old furniture and took a trip with my family to IKEA in Stoughton, MA. I purchased all new furniture including a desk, bookshelves, long sewing table, and three 3-drawer chests to arrange for a nice cutting/work table for myself. I also bought some cool accessories from IKEA for the walls. I'll try to link to everything as I show you pics.

ETA: quickly my memory fades! Before taking the trek with the family to IKEA, I took the trek to IKEA with my awesome friend Janel. :) Visit her blog here!

*Janel* and her friend Corrinne and I scoured IKEA and got a lot of the furniture together and we got some cool stuff for Janel too! I couldn't have gotten it in the car without them.

Hubby graciously lugged it all into the house and put it all together for me with the help of my 10 year old son. Though I made the scrappy valances, and put some stuff away, the office studio remained a mess and I was still overwhelmed, wasting time trying to find things and I had not tackled my new filing system. 

Recently, I was sitting at my desk contemplating the path of a design, and the words "professional organizer" popped into my head. (Can we say A.D.D?)  Just for the fun of it, I googled "professional organizer Southern NH" and this magnificent lady popped up at the very top of Google.
I decided to inquire. The next day, she came to do an assessment and had some great ideas. We set up times to work and got going. We tackled the office and organized the filing first. That took a couple of days. With her help and guidance, I started cleaning out and purging one area at a time. It. Felt. SO. Good!  She had me pick out colors letting me know "you need color in here!" I sure did! She went over to my embroidery thread and color coded it all, which I chuckled at because it just never would have occurred to me to do that!

First we cleaned out, arranged, and organized the office. Here are some pics.
The cubbies on the walls are "Billy" wall shelves from IKEA

The makings of a cutting table. Three 3-drawer chests from IKEA. These are the Trondheim line, but I think they were discontinued as I cannot find them on the website right now.


Today, Alicia Lastowka, my professional organizer from Luv2Organize4u came back with her husband to further work on the office and they painted the entire thing for me!They made it look so fast and easy and did a fabulous job. The picture above was taken yesterday. These pics are from today, October 14, 2012
Emily LOVES to watch!

I LOVE the color. Love love love it!

Notions, that I can well...FIND! She does not yet know that I have a TON more downstairs.
I have 9 awesome, DEEP drawers in this cutting table arrangement for great things like, oh, I don't know.....FABRIC! We'll have even more fabric storage in the closet when it's done.

Voila! Finished! And my doggy, Bella even posed for you!

Here is a closer pic of my work area and my desk:

The desk is also from IKEA, but of course. It is a Vika Amon table top, with  on top of a Vika Alex drawer unit on the right and Vika Alex Storage Unit (for the computer) on the left. Over the desk is a Billy wall shelf 

Over on the left you will see a nice LONG Vika Amon table. It is simple..just 4 legs. It houses my Janome Platinum sewing machine, my Bablock Evolve serger, more thread and....

My little girl, Emily's, special space in my office to work with mommy. Alicia was so kind and brought Emily a nice older Singer sewing machine. This is Emmy's FIRST big girl sewing machine of her very own! Emily is a great little seamstress and does a fantastic job sewing straight lines.

That little white ledge/shelf above the machine is also from IKEA. It is the RIBBA Picture Ledge. Underneath it is this really cool "clothesline" type thing from IKEA called Dignitet Curtain Wire.
That is REALLY cool for hanging pictures and stuff from.

We have more storage ideas for thread on the wall and more IKEA accessories to get up so I'll update with more pics when we get that done, as well as when the closet storage is done. I can't wait!

Finally, we posted a close up photo on Facebook of our Scrappy Valances for our office studio. These were so much fun to make. I LOVE Riley Blake Designs fabrics, and couldn't possibly have chosen just ONE or TWO for window treatments, so I was just ecstatic when I found this awesome idea on Pinterest. Here is our close-up of one window:

I just used regular curtain rods and cut 2 inch strips x the width of the fabric, cutting off the selvedges of course. Then, I tried to sort of oranize them a little in a pattern...pinkish, green, yellow, blue etc..but trying not to use the same fabrics ever close together. Here are a couple of links to some "how to" blog posts to make your own scrappy valance.

So, there you go. My "almost finished" office and sewing/embroidery studio. I cannot wait to sit in my happy room and make some decorations for it!

If you would like to know the paint colors I used, they are as follows:
The green is Behr Ultra 420c-3 "Celery Bunch".
The pink is Glidden "Pink Salmon" 99RR 27/498
I am SO happy with both of them!

I am so very thankful for Alicia. She is helping me in other parts of the house also and I can already feel how being organized brings you more hours in your day. THANK YOU ALICIA!


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  1. Love the look. My problem is putting everything back up after I finish. I Like the idea of deep drawers for samples and flats but I found rolling them and putting them on a shelf was more helpful. Polka dots on one, solids grouped light and dark, college prints together, checks etc. I use pony tail holders and rubber bands to keep them together. I love the new snowmen. I just purchased yesterday. Cannot wait to sew a few out Congraduations on the new room and organization help Thank you, Designs by Meme

  2. I am totally jealous and in awe of your dedication. Congrataulations on a job very well done!

  3. Looks amazing! Enjoy creating in this wonderful room.

  4. Amazing! Have been waitig for years for my little girl to get organized! Looks FABULOUS!!!

    1. Hey everyone! This is my mama! :) Thanks Mom!

  5. Your post is really good providing good information.. I liked it and enjoyed reading it. Keep sharing such important posts.

  6. My room is painted. New shelves in the closet but still havent put everything away. Between all my cricut stuff, my diamond and my new juki serger. There are seven machines sitting on tables..
    Soon to be all organized.

  7. My room is painted. New shelves in the closet but still havent put everything away. Between all my cricut stuff, my diamond and my new juki serger. There are seven machines sitting on tables..
    Soon to be all organized.

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  10. Organizing things is not something everybody looks forward to. LOL. I must say, you did a great job with it. The red wall is epic. It definitely adds that pop of color in the area. Wow, that's definitely some office. =)


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